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Volunteering and Fostering

Do you love cats? Need a little something to do on your days off? 
Then why not consider volunteering here at the cat lounge! Volunteers are essential to helping keep our kitties happy and healthy and we need dedicated individuals to fill the roll!

Sound like something you might be interested?

Read on to find out how to become a Kitty Korner Volunteer!

Thinking you might have room for a kitty or two in your home while they look for their forever families? 
Fostering is a wonderful way to open your home to shelter cats and kittens while they begin the transition from stray to housecat!

Be these cats waiting on vaccines and spay/neuter appointments, older cats in need of a calm environment, or strays looking for socialization, we have cats of all shapes and sizes who would greatly benefit from a home environment! 
So if you have space in your home for a short term feline friend, be sure to check out our foster program below!

Why Volunteer? Why Foster?

Volunteering is a great way to spend your time and when that volunteer work involves kitties, you basically have a match made in heaven! 

Whether you are retired and looking for something to do, a student in need of community service hours, or just someone who loves cats, we have all sorts of opportunities for those who would like to come and help! Not only that, we'll even give you a cool shirt once you've been working a month! 

If you'd rather work from home, our Foster Program is a very rewarding way to help from the comfort of your home! 

Our Fosters are dedicated to helping our feline friends adapt and learn to trust and offer a cozy environment to do just that! From cats waiting on vetting to ones who just need a family to help them learn the ropes, all cats can benefit from a constant source of love! Helping a kitty adjust to their future lives as kitty companions is both rewarding and fun (and has been known to lead to some foster fails now and then!) 

What Sort of Things Do Volunteers Do?
What Should a Foster Expect?

Volunteers are vital to helping us keep the café and lounge running smoothly! 

As a volunteer, you can expect to do a lot of the things a cat owner would do normally - just with a lot more cats! 

This can include, but is not limited to: cleaning, feeding, socializing animals, litter boxes, transport to and from vet appointments, event staffing, and more! 

There is really no limit to the work we have available and you are always welcome to request certain things if you feel there is a need for it to be done! All tasks come with clear and set guidelines so you will always have a step by step guidebook to help you through your tasks! 

We accept volunteers of all shapes and sizes and there is always something to be done! If it sounds like you can handle any number of the tasks listed above, then volunteering will be a piece of cake! 

Being a Foster is both rewarding and fun and opens both your heart and home to a kitty in need!

Often times, our facility gets overwhelmed by local surrenders, strays, and newborn kittens and this puts a major strain on the space we have available for future intakes. This can mean the difference between life and death for some kitties as they look for safe placement out of bad situations and having one extra empty kennel can sometimes be a god send! 

By opening your home to a Foster kitty, you are able to free space here at the cafe for another kitty in need! 

You will be in charge of providing love and care for a kitty while they await certain vetting or learn to trust people in a home environment! Much like having another pet yourself, Fosters will be charged with making their short term kitty companion feel loved and safe until they are able to return to us! 

You provide the love and care, we take care of any vet fees or needs along the way! 

Better yet, you get the warm feeling of knowing you helped them find family!

How do I Apply?

Applying is easy and doesn't take long! 

Simply fill out the Volunteer or Foster Application and send it back to us via email to:

If your application is accepted, we will be in contact to begin scheduling or placement!

General hours for volunteers include a morning shift (8am to 10pm) and an afternoon shift (4pm to 5 pm) - you will be asked to specify any times you are not available so we can properly schedule for each slot each day! Please note that we may also reach out to you for off-shift volunteer work for things like events and vet visits! 

So what are you waiting for? Send in those applications today and join our team in making Kitty Korner the best it can be! 





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