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Donate Today!

Due to the historic flooding that occurred, we are currently in desperate needs of supplies, funds, and support! We have lost all of our food, litter, beds and toys and are currently having to rebuild our lounge from the ground up. 

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and get us one step closer to reopening our doors and saving more kitties!

Shelter Donation

Running a Cat Cafe and shelter is no easy task and it requires a lot more than hard work to keep it going! Now more than ever, we rely on the generosity of our community and fans to help keep our kitties happy and healthy and your donations mean the world to us!

 Whether it be through items on our Amazon Wishlist, monetary donations, or just stopping by with a few cans of food now and then - every little bit helps!

Warmer weather means we are seeing an influx of cats both big and small seeking shelter and medical care  and with the shortages of food, litter, and supplies, we are in desperate need of help from the generous folks in our community to make sure everyone gets what they need this season!

We thank you for your consideration and contributions!

Thank You for your Generosity

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